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LENGTH 2.85”
WEIGHT 3.8-4.2 OZ


.223/5.56mm 1/2-28
.308/7.62mm 5/8-24



The VF18 Muzzle Device is the only muzzle brake on the market that utilizes complex flow principles to achieve a true multi-functional design and is used by the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command Units. The VF18 Muzzle Device offers multiple benefits, including:


  • Effectively reducing recoil
  • Lowering blast pressure and directing it forward
  • Highly efficient muzzle flash reduction
  • Stabilizing the muzzle with a symmetrical design
  • Enhancing accuracy by diverting up to 90% of gasses off the bore-line
  • Protecting shooters and bystanders from harmful blast over-pressure


In addition to its unique and highly innovative design, the VF18 Muzzle Device is made of high-quality materials and features a direct thread attachment for easy installation.

The VF18 Muzzle Device is also compact, making it a great option for firearms enthusiasts looking to improve their firearm’s performance without adding excess weight or bulk.

Choose the VF18 Muzzle Device for a reliable, high-performance muzzle brake that offers unmatched functionality and versatility.

Patented and Patent Pending Design